Your photoshoot! (from just £50 for a 1 hour sitting)

A portrait session typically lasts 1-2 hours and can be either on location, in the comfort of your own home using portable backdrops or at a local studio in Hook, Hampshire which has a good selection of coloured backgrounds and papers as well as a white infinity cove which is perfect for white background family & group photo's.

The shoot will be relaxed, informal and above all else enjoyable! Even the most camera shy of people enjoy these sessions :)

For a 1 hour shoot I suggest bringing a couple of changes of clothes.. Anything you like from fully 'dressed up' to fancy dress and just about anything in between. I'd suggest though bringing at least one 'timeless' set.. eg, plain jeans and T shirt.. something that would still look good on your wall 10 years from now (for example a shellsuit might be a bad plan..unless you're over fashion conscious!)

If you would like to book a session or discuss a specific type of shoot you have in mind please feel free to use the contact form or call me on 01276 817681

After the shoot

I'll add a private and password protected personal gallery for you to pick out your favourites for printing.
Once you log in to your gallery its simply a matter of adding favourites to a list which is automatically shared with me for any basic retouching you might like (blemish removal etc). I'll let you know as soon as that's done and upload the edited photo back to the gallery ready for you to start ordering whatever print options you like.

Print ordering is available directly from your gallery.

Just looking for the digital images to print yourself?

No problem! In addition to the direct printing service I also offer a download only options starting at just £15 per image. Your photographs are provided in high resolution .jpg format ready to print however you like from wherever you like! Of course, having the digital copy means you are free to re-size for web and share with friends and family via email or posting on social networking sites such as facebook and twitter :)


Mirror Mirror on the wall..or rather, advanced retouching/editing!

We all like to look our best in photo's, even if its streching the truth a tad! As part of the service I'll remove minor skin blemishes etc but if you're looking for a glossy magazine style makeover edit I offer a full retouching service from just £10 per chosen image. This can include; skin healing and airbrushing, wrinkle removal/reduction, eye and teeth whitening, and even body shape changes.. how much is up to you! We can be what we want to be after all! ;)

Professional Printing (Investment)

Progressive Photography supply a wide range of affordable printing options which are available from your personal gallery and delivered straight to your door. Options include standard prints in either gloss or lustre (framed prints also available), rich coloured 'metallic' prints, gallery quality canvas and stunning acrylics. I supply high quality printing for small prints starting at just £6.00 why not order a few extras as gifts for family and friend 

Please note, printing is carried out in a specialist professional lab, which includes colour correction and durable inks. Your memories won't be fading away as sometimes happens with 'cheap' print companies.